Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Thought for the day"

It's easy to thank God when everything is going well but do you thank Him on bad days too?

I try,


  1. I tend to thank God in mostly good times, I do need to thank him also in bad times! Thanks for reminding me to seek his wisdom in good times as well as bad!


  2. No kidding, eh? You have to remember that there are so many good things that God has done for us, that you can't let the bad days bog you down. It's nice to know that he takes things and turns them to good for those who love Hime and are called according to His purpose. That's us! He really is amazing!

  3. Greg,

    It is super important to focus on those negative and bad times in finding God within them. He is never more present than during those times and we always need to be praising Him in all things. Not just the good.

    Warning: Exposure to the SON will be prevent burning.

    Be ye, fishers of men - you catch them, God will clean them!

    So now son screen for me. I will take on those rays and stand firm in my faith.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I try to but it doesn't always come naturally. Great reminder Greg.