Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I need help

If you haven't read my post at Gregs General Store I encourrage you to do so. It is an uplifting story which involves people helping people. But what I need help with is this; I want to design an uplifting t-shirt. Something that will reach out and touch people where in counts; In the Heart. What prompted this is seeing so many negative ads on T-shirts. If they can display their negativity we should be able to display our happiness. It sounds reasonable anyway. So I am taking ideas if anyone has them.

Have a happy day,


  1. Okay Greg, Kat and I will come up with some ideas and send you an email with some pictures and ideas.


    The only one I can think of right now is a plain white tee with the words

    Got God?

    in bold lettering. I think this one is out there though.

  2. I will think about and pray about it for you.

    Hmmm... Eat. Spit. Be Happy. ...
    Oh wait, I think it may be done already. :)

  3. Greg,

    Oh man now you are making me think? I don't think I have filled my body with enough caffeine to handle that.

    Happiness counts. Just ask me how.

    Smile and make them wonder why!

    After two cups that is all I have. I will now wait to be divinely inspired. God are you there???

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. How about Divinely Inspired which is what Heart 2 Heart had in her comment :)

  5. I have a t-shirt that says

    "Jesus loves you." I often catch people reading it. (It makes me look down to see what I spilled on myself, and then I realize I'm wearing that shirt).

    I have another one that says "Believers have more fun." That one usually gets a comment. (from other believers...they want to know where I bought it).

  6. Inspirational t-shirts...I love it!

    Don't stop believin'

  7. Hey Greg,

    We have a fun store in VA called C28 and they sell all Christian T-shirts.

    If I had to design a shirt it would probably say,

    "Got troubles, Got God, Got joy everlasting."

    Happy Labor Day!

  8. Okay...not usually too good at this stuff, but here goes anyway:

    Happiness. It's a choice.

    Be happy, it's tax free. (okay, this one doesn't touch the heart, but it does help the wallet)

    Happiness-it's a state of mind.

    Go ahead...make my!

    I charge 5 cents per grumble,
    10 cents per frown,
    and 1.00 per complaint.
    Smiles are free.

    Be makes life worth living.

    Feel free to use any of these...but I want a cut if you make a million. =D