Friday, August 28, 2009


Are you using the gifts that God gave you? Each of us has special gifts from God but not everyone chooses to use them. Many times we are just too busy going about our day to day lives to focus on our special gifts.

As I went to take these photos of the flowers I grew, I noticed that the lens was cloudy. It was that way because I took the camera from inside in the AC to outside where it was about 85 deg. As I went to take the first photo, I noticed it. I was about to completely clean the lens but then I realized that it would make a pretty photo to only partially clear it. So that is what I did.

God gave me the ability to grow things like these flowers. I know that it is a God given gift because not everyone can grow things. For some reason, it comes easy to me.

I also have a knack for arranging the flowers so that is what I did. We will sell them at the market this weekend if the weather holds out.

So focus on your talents and use those gifts that God has given you. It will make you and Him happy.

Have a Blessed day,


  1. Great Pictures Greg, I can kind of grow things, but that is not my God given talent. I would have to say eating chips and salsa everyday would be it!


    Can you come over and grow some flowers like that here? I don't think our temperate zone would allow it living in the desert.

  2. Greg,

    OK officially envious and like Steve stated above we are managing to grow some beautiful roses and lavender and that is about it for our desert environment. You know I can't just stop by here and not leave you with no joke for the day, so here it is.

    Q. How are A's and flowers alike??
    A. B's always come after them!

    By the way, if you need more to laugh at stop by my blog today for Friday Funnies!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Gorgeous, Greg! It really is a gift. Sometimes I think I'm utilizing my gift, other times, not so much. It's something I think about, though. Enjoy your day off.

  4. I love your foggy foto! :)

    This is a great post. We are all designed with specific skills and abilities as well as spiritual gifts for the work that He has prepared in advance for us to do.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Haha! My DWV was *carking*.
    Proof that God has a sense of humor. :D

  6. I'd love to have one of those bouquets sitting on my table to brighten the rainy day we're having today!

  7. Wow what an arrangment!! You are blessed...I'm trying to grow pumpkins...we'll see! My gift is teaching. That's why I teach SS, as well as the youth and homeschool!

  8. You are gifted in flowers & growing!

  9. You do have a God given talent with flowers. My thumb is only yellow. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what God has given me and to use it. :O)

  10. Love the flowers Greg, lovely and bright colors, defintately a talent I lack but appreciate in others!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yes, flower arranging is definately one of your gifts. I'm still thinking about mine. I'll let you know- soon.

    How's Examiner writing going? Does it take a lot of time? I'm going to go now and see if you have a new article there.

  12. Beautiful flowers and colors.If what He has created is so beautiful, how beautiful will it be to be with Him!

  13. Some wonderful flowes and pictureS! You sure have a lot of great gifts and it is awesome to see you putting them to use:)

  14. Love those zinnias! I pray God's garden in blooming in my life. B

  15. Greg, I didn't realize you had this blog! Those flower photos are beautiful and good thing you didn't wipe the smudge off cause that's a gorgeous photo!